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The Pope and love

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One of Benedict XVI's petitions during the vigil at World Youth Day was that the youth open themselves "to the power of God's love" to transform the world.

"Mature your faith through your studies, work, play, music and art. Sustain it through prayer and feed it with the Sacraments so that it may become a source of inspiration and help to all of those around us."

After telling the youth that he was "very happy" to be with them, the Pope said that "life is not a simple accumulation, it is much more than a simple success."

"To be truly alive is to be transformed from the inside, to be open to the strength of God's love. If you welcome the power of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to transform your families, communities and nations."

Referring to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Father encouraged the youth to recognize them. "Free these gifts. May wisdom, intellect, fortitude, knowledge and piety be the signs of your greatness."

Giovanni Maria Vian, director of the Holy See's unofficial newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, described the Pope's address as "one of the best of his pontificate."

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