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WYD 2008 – 225,000 people attend World Youth Day

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Roughly 225,000 people are attending World Youth Day, which began on July 15 and ends July 20 with a Solemn Papal Mass that should be attended by nearly 500,000 faithful.

The organizers of World Youth Day stated that 125,000 participants are pilgrims from other countries, and the other 100,000 come from Australia itself. World Youth Day is the most important and most international event that has ever occurred in Australia, including the 2000 Olympics.

It is estimated that the pilgrims will eat 3 million meals, 232,000 of which will be consumed during the event. Approximately 100,000 people are sleeping in 400 schools and parishes and 10,000 more are at Sydney Olympic Park. Nearly 100 actors were employed in staging the Way of the Cross.

Roughly 5 million Catholics inhabit Australia, making up 26% of the country's population. They are organized in 1,363 parishes in 28 territorial dioceses, with 4 Eastern Rite Churches and one military diocese.

There have been three previous Papal visits to Australia. Paul VI went to Australia in 1970, and John Paul II was there in 1986 and 1995 for the beatification of Sr. Mary MacKillop.

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