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WYD 2008 – Archbishop Wilson speaks on Holy Father’s presenc

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Pope Benedict XVI consecrated the altar of Sydney's Cathedral today in the company of Australia's bishops. Archbishop Philip Wilson spoke to H2onews about this historic event.

"The consecration of the altar in St. Mary's Cathedral today for us is a very special moment because the Cathedral is the First Church, the Mother Church of Australia, and for the Holy Father to consecrate the altar is a very special moment for all of us. But it was great that all the Australian bishops were present too. So it was a great moment for us, and we went from there to have lunch with him and had a lovely experience with him. Just good communion and conviviality."

Commenting on the Holy Father's remarks on sexual abuse in Australia, Archbishop Wilson told H2onews that the Church is dedicated to preventing the crimes from happening again.

"The Homily he gave today was very beautiful too. And then during the homily he made some remarks about sexual abuse in Australia that was perpetrated by clergy and religious. And he spoke beautifully as the Pastor of the Church, talking about how much this has pained him personally, how much grief that it gives him that this has happened and how things must be done to respond compassionately to the people who have been abused.
But also to do the work that is necessary to make sure that this cannot happen again. It's no use just giving apologies and then not doing anything about it.
There has to be concrete ways of dealing with it."

Careful selection of candidates is a major part of this prevention, Archbishop Wilson believes.
"We have to be very careful then about our selection process for people coming into the priesthood and religious life to make sure that they are as healthy as possible, psychically as well as physically, and well-prepared for the life that they're being asked to live. "

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