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WYD 2008 – Franciscans Pick up the Beat at WYD

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I'm Sam Clear, I just finished walking around the world on foot, praying for the unity of Christians. I'm here down at Bondi Beach for the "Come to the Water" festival being run by the Franciscan's. And the atmosphere is building very quickly:

"The Franciscan's have put it together. What was the aim for today that you were going for?"

"The Franciscans' aim was for us to be Franciscans!

"And it looks like all the people gathered here are having a fabulous time . Australia has put on a great World Youth Day so far, and they usually get better (this is my fourth one) and they get better as the week goes on."

"Well, thank you gentlemen, it's so good to have you here. We can feel your spirit. You're shining it out. Thank you so much! "

"Thank you, it's great to be here."

Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR:
"When Jesus sent us out, He told us the Great Commission is to go to the all the ends of the earth. So to where the people live. Because that's where it happens."

"I speak on behalf of the world, you can come here any time, you really blessed us tonight and thank you so much!"

"I appreciate it. Blessings to you and to all your listeners. Ciao ya'all!!"

Cardinal Wilfred Napier: "Very often I think we need to think back on those words of St. Francis, and ask ourselves, How much have I really done.? "

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