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WYD 2008 – Love and Life Site

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"Well hi! Welcome to the Love and LIfe site at World Youth Day 2008! Here you will find a microcosm of the Culture of Life. It will be active for three days throughout the World Youth Day week, and it's going to be one of the main sites, where you can drop in throughout those three days and we'll be active the whole time. You got catechises in the morning, you got live bands throughout the afternoon, talks, testimonies you got real in-depth theology of the body sessions if that's what you want, or just a chill-out cafe and get a free cookie while you can"

"I'm Mother Agnes, the superior of the Sisters of Life who are here hosting, with the Knights of Columbus and the JPII Institutes worldwide the Love and Life site for World Youth Day."

"I think Australia needs the grace of the Holy Father to enlighten us, to guide us. It seems as the city is very excited, which is exciting."

"As Catholics, our purpose in life is love and the beauty of life is in Love."

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