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WYD 2008 – Meet the Pilgrims

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Here we are in the front of St. Mary's Cathedral, standing in Hyde Park waiting for the Pope to arrive. We've heard he'll be leaving his residence soon and heading down to the disabled area where he'll be speaking to the poor and the sick children!
So we're just going to have a wander around and see what people are talking about.
Very good vibe going on at the moment in Sydney, the Holy Spirit is all around us!!

"World Youth Day ROCKS!"

So Rosary beads are back "in", you think?
"I think so!" "Yeah!, Definitely! I have some in my bag!"
So you heard it here first folks, Rosary beads are back "IN"! and that's from the girls of the Central Coast!

Alright, so, down here in line waiting for the Merchandise Shop, what are you guys looking for when you get in there?
"A lot of things!, I've got a lot here!"
Have you seen a favorite shirt out there you like?
"A Benedicto T-shirt!"
There are a lot of people going around in the Benedicto gear at the moment. What about you sir?
"I also want a Tshirt!"
"You're after a T-shirt as well? Well, I think you're going to find everything in there. They look like they have a big selection of goods for the good Christian people.

So what have you got going on down here at the moment?
"At the moment just outside here, we're just trying to sign people up for xt3.com, which is like a Catholic version of Facebook, almost, where everyone here who meets together can stay in contact after they leave, which is pretty cool!"

So, hello, what are you here for, Alice?
"To see the Pope."
Have you seen him before?
"Yes, we saw him yesterday!"
Oh, that was great, wasn't it! And have you traveled far to be here today?
Where do you come from?
"We come from Figi!"
You've come all the way from Figi?! Oh, that's fantastic. So this a big trip and a very good, holy trip as well! Do you feel the Holy Spirit? And now you've got to take Him back to Figi and shine it out on all the people!

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