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WYD 2008 – Walk across Harbour Bridge

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The Lord and and the sun are certainly shining on us this morning as the pilgrims head on the final leg of their journey towards Randwick Racecourse to meet the Pope across the Harbour Bridge through gorgeous and scenic Sydney. Come with us on a walk and enjoy the experience with us.

Something like this event which has so many people from all across the globe coming and touching down on our shores and seeing it running smoothly must be a big bonus for a city like Sydney.

"It's been very positive for our city. Sydney has really embraced this event and it changes the nature of one's cities for some period of time, we're very happy to have it in Sydney.
World Youth Day has been an example to us in Australia and to the world of the role that faith can play in goodness."

We're halfway through our walk towards Randwick. This is what it's all about. How's your World Youth Day experience is Sydney?

"It's great!"

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