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"The Pope, Millions of Catholics, Eduardo Verástegui and YOU!

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"The Pope, Millions of Catholics, Eduardo Verástegui and YOU!
www.worldyouthday.com – We are truly excited to announce the news about our World Youth Day trip to Madrid Spain with Eduardo Verastegui. Either you, or your group, can now participate in this pilgrimage experience where, not only will you get to meet Eduardo and get a picture with him, but more importantly and even better, you will get to pray with him, hear him give inspirational talks about LIFE and HOLINESS, as well as celebrate LIFE for 10 days in Spain with Catholics from all over the world.

World Youth Day is the single largest youth gathering for Jesus Christ on the face of the Earth. Now you can experience this amazing opportunity with Eduardo Verastegui.

Eduardo Verastegui has been traveling with young people from all over the world. His non-profit organization, Manto De Guadalupe, has made several trips to Mexico, Haiti and Durfar building houses for the poor and water wells for the villages.

This next trip will be to Madrid Spain to celebrate the Catholic faith with millions of young people from all over the world. He is now preparing for this pilgrimage and has decided to open this trip to young adults who wish to travel with him. He is personally looking forward to meeting and traveling with all those who feel moved to attend this exciting pilgrimage to see the Pope in Spain at World Youth Day 2011.

This Pilgrimage will be filled with:

Truth = Inspirational and educational talks led by Eduardo and others great teachers.

Holiness = Daily Mass, Rosaries led by Eduardo, Holy Shrines, Confessions, Spiritual readings…

Joy = Amazing experiences, exciting adventures, new friends, a ton of fun and all tied together in Christ the source of all JOY.

– Truth: We will have talks/classes and reflections with Eduardo and other teachers as they educate and inspire us with personal life stories, reflections from the lives of the saints and many other teachings from our amazing Catholic Faith.

– Holiness: We were meant to live for so much more! We are all called to be saints and may each and every day of this trip remind us of that as we encourage each other daily along the way. The main purpose of, not only this trip, but also our life, is to fall completely in love with Jesus Christ and to allow Him to completely love us.

– Joy: When we receive truth and live Holiness, the fruit that comes from this is Joy. Experiencing this Joy with each other is something beautiful and it is the very heart of what it means to be a Christian.

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” – John 15:11

Not to mention, lets face it, we’re going to have a blast as we visit some pretty cool sites in Spain. I really hope you can experience it with us!


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  • Valeria_baquedano says:

    Hola, buenas tardes;
    Este es un concurso o algo asi? como nos inscribimos?? Se que la noticia salio desde diciembre, pero acabo de ver la noticia; ¿Hay portunidad todavia?
    Yo pertenezco a un grupo de jóvenes llamado neo juventud, vivimos en Cancún, México y tenemos como misión propagar el deseo de vivir una juventud de cara a Dios; reafirmando que no por estar y vivir con él se pierde todo lo bello de ser jóven sino que se aumenta esta alegría!!
    Espero su respuesta!
    De antemano muchas gracias!!

  • admin says:

    Hola Valeria, tu pregunta para que le vea más gente está en http://jmjmadrid2011.net/foro/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=1637

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