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SIGNIS VJ for Madrid 11 TV (Arabic)

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This report, prepared by Ralph Tawitian, filmed by Christian Nasrani and Julia Haddad and directed by Christian Nasrani, all video journalists from Tele Lumiere and Noursat — Lebanon, was produced during the SIGNIS VJs training and production workshop in August 12-15, 2011 on the occasion of the World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain.

SIGNIS VJs – Street Art in Madrid

Graffiti are graphics or letters placed in a visible space such as walls and bridges without prior permission.

This kind of street art has existed since ancient times from the Greek and Romanian civilization.

Graffiti has developed over time and today it is called modern graffiti.

With spray paint, markers and other material, we can change the surface of public or private spaces however this is punishable by law in most countries because it is a form of vandalism.

Whilst graffiti is used to deliver political and social message, it is also a form of modern art and can be seen in world museums and galleries.

The video had been webcasted also through Madrid11TV during WYD.

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